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Silence is gold.

This is one of the oldest Chinese proverbs I can remember hearing.

You can imagine the story that probably goes with it.

The energy of youth with all its exuberance, entitlement and stubbornness pitted against the wisdom of experience.

But what does it mean to be truly silent?

I don’t think this is a verbal cue – this is a psychological perspective.

Are you willing to quiet your inner-critic and hold two opposing narratives in your brain at the same time?

One voice in your brain wants to spit fire at the opposition… but another, deeper voice inside you keeps the match just out of reach from the spark.

It’s easy to listen to someone criticize, degrade, challenge and throw your reality in your face without literally saying a word.

Sometimes we pacify ourselves by thinking that’s what it means to be “silent.”

It’s much harder to listen to their words, feel their energy and the temperature rising inside you – while holding onto the notion that they could be 100% correct and YOU could be 100% wrong.

That’s silence.

That’s when you strike gold.

Now, what do you do with it?

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