I Want to Light Your Fire

When I was 10 years old I told my mom and dad that I would retire them one day by becoming a famous author and millionaire.

I’m now 26, not a millionaire and no closer to making good on that promise than I was 16 years ago, but I have learned something very interesting along the way…

The perspective I have on the obstacles, challenges and puzzles that I face on a daily basis are… unique.

This website, show and blog is really just a thinly veiled hypothesis that goes something like this:

If I share the thoughts I have on life’s challenging (and not so challenging) moments by processing what my mind is doing out-loud or in writing, I can empower someone, somewhere, who’s fighting through those same challenges to keep going. 

The way I intend to keep them going is just by asking the questions to myself, OUT-LOUD, that I think most people ask themselves in the confines of their brain everyday.

Maybe by asking these questions out loud, they’ll be inspired to examine their challenges from a new vantage point and a higher altitude…

Maybe that higher altitude can be the difference between finding fulfillment, happiness and meaning in their life…

And not living.

Along the way I’m sure there will be some interesting twists. My goal is to share daily or at least close-to, have some interesting guests on and challenge all of us to see the world for what I think it really is:

A bendable, shapeable, malleable blob eager for us to mold into meaning.

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